Taste Of The Wild

I've been feeding our 15 week old Aussie Taste Of The Wild puppy formula, both bison and salmon, and up until about 10 days ago he was the most low energy Aussie we've ever owned (had him at the vets checking everything).

That's when I started transitioning to one half Iams Large Breed (not puppy) and over night his energy level went through the roof. I'm not about to start bad mouthing Taste Of The Wild without proof but has any one heard anything bad about the brand?

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Taste of the Wild
by: Nancy

We have been feeding both our Aussies Taste of the Wild for years. They have no problem with energy. You have to be sure to give them grain free food. That is most important. We give them 1/2 tsp of coconut oil every day on their food. We also give them cooked carrots and once in awhile green beans. They love apples for treats. Good for the teeth and no weight gain. They are both very healthy and happy.

No troubles
by: holmsey

I've been feeding our Aussie puppy Taste of the Wild puppy salmon formula and haven't found any troubles with it. His energy level seemed to be just fine.

Sorry to hear you had troubles with the food.

by: Anonymous

Thanks for the advice. I hadn't heard one bad report on Taste Of The Wild and you guys confirmed it. I've also noticed that since I started the Iams he's developed a little "padding" on his ribs, even though he's more active. This feeding thing's getting complicated. What ever happened to the theory that cooked grains were OK because they replicated the partially digested grains wild canines got from the digestive tracks of their prey?

No problems
by: Julie

I have been feeding Taste of the Wild since getting my Aussie 8 months ago. I use the high prairie formula. She has PLENTY of energy and I also use fish oil or coconut oil daily. Sorry to hear that you had trouble.

Taste of the Wild
by: Anonymous

I feed the salmon and lamb to my 3 dogs and have had great results. Healthy coats and less waste. I have not had any problems.

I use 4-Health but both are good.
by: Anonymous

You might want to check out 4-Health. I get it at our local tractor supply store and my 10 year old has no food problems with it. Taste of the Wild would be my second choice but not because it is worse or better.

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