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Tell Me About Your Mini American Shepherds!

by Caro

My boyfriend and I have been researching and deciding on a dog breed for the past 2.5 years and have decided on adding a Mini American Shepherd to our family. Of the (few) breeders I’ve seen so far, they all describe their pups as active, working dogs, but also happy to snuggle on the sofa as great family pets.

After speaking more closely with one of the breeders, she kindly advised that I speak with other MAS owners for their opinions on the pups they had chosen; she said some are anxious, struggle with socialisation or even just super high energy.

Once we find a breeder that we’re happy with, we don’t mind the wait, as I know these pups come few and far between.

So I would be so interested to hear about your MAS pups and experiences with your breeders, please do drop me a line!

Thank you!

Caro x

Comments for Tell Me About Your Mini American Shepherds!

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U might want to think again
by: Anonymous

We have had our Mini Aussie for 10 weeks now and I'm regretting every minute. Oh yea she's smart, but she is a biter! Of course this is bred into them so it is very hard to break them. She has made us bleed many times! Very, very, very active. Wish I I would've gotten another Golden Retriever.

Our experience
by: Marie

Our pup seems to have the exact characteristics as Aussies, just weighs 27lbs. He is very active and requires a lot of physical, but more importantly mental stimulation. He does bark at mailmen and folks when they first arrive but he isn’t aggressive at all. He has never bitten us. Do make sure when they are puppies, and the biting is "cute" that you don’t encourage it. Same with jumping up on you (we made that mistake).

He can be anxious, or "neurotic" as our vet has called it. I’m not quite sure how to describe that?

My advice though is to socialize heavily with people and dogs (We take ours to a doggie daycare 3x a week) and get him into obedience and play classes. Walk him and get ready to play ball/frisbee for at least an hour each day and you should be good. We do that and he is content to sit on the couch with us late evenings, sleep in the bed overnight and gives amazing morning "kisses" (licks) and snuggles.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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