Temperament Of Red Tris

I have a question on the temperament of red tris. I was told by a breeder that red tris are usually not as active and are generally more shy and stand-offish than the black tris or blue merles. Is this true?

We have owned a black tri who was just the right mix of active and calm. We hike, bike, ride horses and quads a lot so we want a dog who can keep up. We only met one red tri puppy and he was very reluctant and sensitive.

Any info you can give on temperament of all colors would be helpful. Thank you.

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by: Anonymous

I have a red tri and he is far from being calm and shy.

Red tri shyness
by: Anonymous

I have a six month old who loves everyone and looks like a good disc dog prospect. I don't think the genetics of red vs black or merle are any different - it depends on the parents.

Red-tri not shy
by: Anonymous

When my hubby and I went to meet the breeder of our future puppy. She had a red tri female dog who was VERY interested in meeting us; not shy at all. I bet it's just one of those myths.

Red tri
by: Mags

Hi, my red tri is somewhat funny! He can be shy with people and then be out going with others. He can be a bit of a scardy cat at times but he is getting better.

Regardless of colour these dogs are fantastic. But be aware they are hard work and you need eyes on the back of the head just to make sure they are not in the washing lol
I adore my ozzy the Aussie, he follows me (almost) everywhere and my day is a bit boring with out him.

Good luck. Wish you well on this new adventure regardless of whatever colour you go for.


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