Territorial Australian Shepherd

by Brenda Joseph
(Raceland, Louisiana)

How can I stop my male Aussie from being so territorial when it comes to other dogs?

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You Too!
by: Anonymous

I have a 1 year old female Aussie who has gotten really bad about other dogs coming to our house, especially those who come near me. My daughter came for Christmas and brought her small Boston mix, and my Aussie was fine with her, until she came toward me. My dog, Dixie, immediately jumped growled and chased her away nipping at her. This has become a problem with the other 2 dogs in our house as well, and Dixie was brought in at 8 weeks old and has been with our 2 older dogs her entire life. She will not let either of them near me, and if I try and pet them or cuddle them, she will try and "heard" them away and if I don't let her, she barks and barks, and will even try nipping at them. My Aussie has become obsessed with me. We take her once a week to play day at doggy day care, and the owner said she plays just fine with the other dogs. At home, she seems to be getting more and more aggressive with other dogs who come in. I too would like to know how to change this behavior.

by: Anonymous

Is he neutered? How old?

Territorial Australian Shepherd
by: Henrietta

I have the same issue with one of my Australian Shepherds. He's fine with his brother but that's it. When we walk him he will sometimes lunge at other dogs. We try to distract him or move to the side and let the other dogs pass. He also goes for our neighbors dog at the fence- but it seems to be a mutual dislike there. We've come to accept him as he is and know what sets him off. Good luck and I would love to hear any and all suggestions too!!!

by: Anonymous

You can't…it's in their nature/DNA. You would have had to UBER socialize then since they were pups, exposing them to many different people and/or dogs. I do not have this problem with mine but my son does with his aussie. They love their people but not so much everyone else!

by: Tom

That's their job to protect his own.

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