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The Best Dogs In The World!

by Katlyn Kilgore
(San Diego, Ca)

My two pups! Broly is Never camera shy!

My two pups! Broly is Never camera shy!

My husband and I got married and relocated to California about 2 years ago, since he is military and gone a lot I pestered him for a dog. I have always grown up with dogs, so it felt weird not to have one in the house.

We mainly had mutts or Labs as our family members. So I began searching, looking around at shelters, the ASPCA and local breeders. I have never even heard of Australian Shepherds until that day. They were breath-takingly beautiful. As I did my research I fell more in love with the breed. So we found a breeder we thought took the best care of the pups and had given them a loving start so far.

That is how we got our Broly, a black-tri who stole our hearts the instant he jumped in our laps, soaking wet form the creek the pups were swimming in. Over the next 3 month he became our life companion, I never will be alone with Broly around, everything from using the toilet to washing the dishes to getting the mail, he is always by my side rain or shine.

Well my husband was getting ready to leave on his first deployment, and we were out shopping one day when we saw a beautiful blue merle sitting the the dog store window. I loved her already, and I didn't want to leave her there another night. But we went home and slept on it, came back the next day to have the managers tell us the dog was terrible.

She was always trying to run about, barking, whining at people being an over all normal Aussie with cabin fever. So they practically gave her to us, and since that day Winry has been my little princess!

Having this breed of dog has blown me away with expectations for animals. They have never bitten, run away they are simply amazing when it comes to protecting the children I watch, the love these dogs express is like no other! The personality is mind boggling! My dogs bring something new to amaze me everyday.

I will forever have Aussies, since we will be breeding our two when we move home. I have the best relationship with my pups, as well as my husband. And can I just say, best choice in my life, to choose these life companions! It's been two years and I love my wiggle butts more every day!

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by: Arlene Moore

Glad you found out about the "wiggle butts" LOL I myself have 3 and love them to the moon and back <3 Great companions and always want to be with me ...

aussies : )
by: Anonymous

Also agree 100% easiest breed to train, beautiful, smart, loyal etc... i love my wiggle butt too!!!

And the smartest
by: Nonnie

I agree 100%. I gave two five year old females. One black tri and one blue Merle. Best dogs I have ever had!

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