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The Night Scooter Ran Away

by Linda
(Elizabeth, Colorado)

I got Scooter when he was 4 mo from a tiger refuge in Colorado, we lived around the corner from it. We were on 5 acres so he was very used to running free with all the dogs out there. He was real good at staying close to home for 3 years.

We ended up moving closer to town. It was December 17th and we had only been in the new place for 3 days and there was a blizzard warning for that weekend and he bolted on us, we searched for 3 hours till the snow got so deep we couldn't search anymore. 20 inches in 3 hours. Buy the time the snow ended there was 36 inches of snow on the ground and 2 days had gone by, I couldn't get out of the driveway, for 3 days so I walked the area and put up flyers.

I hadn't met any of the neighbors yet, and didn't know the area it was completely forested. I searched for days 7 long days, no sleep, and my hubby and I could barely look at each other without losing it. I had a couple people call and tell me they were helping to look, and gave me all the numbers of anywhere he could possibly end up. I skipped Christmas with the family because I was afraid he would show up while I was gone.

There was another blizzard on the way, another big one. Day 8 you know what I'm thinking. I couldn't sleep (we were sleeping in the living room so I could be near the sliding glass door) 2AM I hear something at the door, there he was, cold, dehydrated, starved. He looked terrible, do you think he wanted to eat or drink? No he wanted to play frisbee first. We had another 15 inches of snow the next day, he must have had a guardian angel.

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by: kym

Thanks Linda. Yes, they are VERY smart as you have obviously learned with Scooter! Awesome was my first aussie and I have had 3 more since him(he passed away several years ago). They are incredible dogs. I too live in Colorado and I know the winters can be very harsh. I hope you have many years left to cherish your wonderful Scooter! Awesome was 17 years old and the best years of my life! Take care,Linda and give that Scooter a big hug!!!!

by: Linda

He is my first Aussie,I had no idea how smart they are he learned all his tricks so fast it blew my mind.There are many dogs in our family but everyone wants Scooter. I'll always own an Aussie :)

P.S. Kym, I don't know how I would have reacted if he had been hit by a car. I'm glad the person who hit Awesome had a heart and took him in, And I bet he is super spoiled now like Scooter is.

Re: Lost
by: kym

I too could feel your pain!My 'Awesome' went missing once and I didn't sleep for days! I was literally worried sick! I eventually found my boy too, but he had been hit by a car. Luckily, the person who hit him was kind enough to take him to the emergency room where he was saved. I am so glad Scooter made his way home! We may never know what happened to our 'kids' but be thankful they made it home alive! Thanks for the story!

by: Marilyn

So happy that your ordeal ended well. Your Scooter looks very much like our 'NUB' who's pic is posted here also. I can't imagine the terrible fears & thoughts going thru your mind after all those days of him being gone, I know I would have been a basket case!

Good luck in the future!

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