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The Saddest Day

by Sierra (age 12)

Misha as a puppy

Misha as a puppy

The Saddest Day

A young girl came home from school one day.
She would always do her homework before play.
In the middle of doing so, her father called her over,
First to talk about soccer tryouts, then about the dog.

“Her eyes are bad, she’s getting deaf, and she can barely walk.”
And of these issues my parents and I would surely talk.
“We’ve decided to take her to the vet one last time.”
And as the father spoke these words, all began to cry.

We left within a few minutes so we’d arrive at 4:30(p.m.) on the clock.
And as we sat in the almost empty room, the clock just went tick-tock tick-tock.
Then they called us in to a smaller room in which we waited yet again.
Oh how frantic our poor dog began to be - her weak leg shaking constantly.

With her nervously walking about and panting up a storm,
The emotions in our heads really began to swarm.
Then the vet came in, discussing with us our options,
And we realized just how bad it was, and just wanted to get it over with.

We decided it was time for the shot,
But even us, just watching, it hurt quite a lot.
One of the toughest decisions ever - but after all these years: necessary.
Very hard to watch.

She lay there, helpless, on a cushion, tongue out and all.
And down our cheeks, tears began to crawl.
A few hugs and pets we gave her,
Still only a lifeless corpse.

I wish it didn’t have to be this way,
It really ruined the whole day.
But as a souvenir, tufts of fur, her collar, and her leash,
We kept - but still, we wept.

Finally leaving and, for honor, turning off the lights,
Heading to the car, our sorrow took all new heights.
Stopping for comfort food along the way,
The rest of the trip was quiet with sadness.

After a movie, and then one more,
We sat on the couch in the quiet room, remembering her claws on the Pergo floor.
But not a sad ending does this have,
For we are still able to remember the good times that we had.

From memories since before I was born,
Her cute little face I now mourn.
She had a nice life as a pup, playing ball, walking friskily, and playing Hide-and-Seek
Even sitting on me while on the couch, and scaring easily at the sound of thunder.

Of all the confused feelings, starting since last December
Her pure puppiness, yes that, is what I choose to remember
Oh dear Misha with your sweet blue eyes
You lived a wonderfully great life!

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Jan 23, 2010
by: Uncle Chris

This is an excellent work and took a lot of thought, and courage to write following the loss of your dog. Misha was one of a kind (as most dogs are, and will be missed). Great work, and a great tribute.

Mar 08, 2010
It's OK
by: Terri

We had one too. And we were all very sad when that day came. But we remember her fondly and have pictures all over the house. Not a memorial but a tribute.

May 01, 2011
Good poem
by: Anonymous

This poem brings a tear to my eye every time I read it, yet it is encouraging because every new puppy addition to a family will experience the same years full of joy.

Jul 05, 2011
We hold them in our hearts forever....
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry about your loss. I have lost several animals and it never gets easy. They are our family.
I am getting ready to make the decision about my dog. She is not an Aussie, but is a companion to my Aussie Lady. It is a tough decision, but like your Misha I know it is time for her. She is 14, has trouble walking, seeing, and hearing. She has been a wonderful girl.
She will join my other girls over the Rainbow Bridge and I will join them later to romp and play ball and frisbee.
I love your poem. It brought many tears to my eyes. It spoke of your love for your dog...sometimes a hard feeling for others to understand. I do.

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