Thoughts On Shaving Or Trimming My Beautiful Dog

I have owned my Margo for several years. I use her as a support dog and we plan to do a lot of traveling this summer to warmer climates. She gets to hot I was considering shaving her. I have talked to a couple people and I am getting mixed answers. What are your thoughts? Thank you.

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Happy Dog
by: Neil Coy

My eight year old black tricolor Jasper gets a haircut every year the second week of May. I am convinced that he enjoys it and seems to show off for several weeks after being sheared. Without shearing he does not want to go out in the sunshine because the sun on his black coat gets extremely hot. I don't know what your climate is like but it gets pretty hot here in Arkansas in the summer. My advice: try it. It will grow back in 3 to 4 months so in my opinion no harm.

to cut or not to cut
by: Anonymous

This issue has been addressed in this website before here.
If the link does not work, then search the website for the topic. It has many, many opinions on the subject. Note that at least one is from a well-known breeder.

Trimming your Beautiful Dog
by: Rebecca

One year we allowed a new groomer to bathe & brush our Aussie. He said he could not remove her matts and shaved her. She looked awful and her coat never returned to its original state. We have Jodi trimmed closely but not shaved. Actually the fur was insulation for our Aussie when we lived in Arizona, a really hot state. Shaving only exposes the skin to the sun. A good groomer knows how to trim closely removing any matting and leaving enough fur without destroying the Aussie's coat and coloring.

by: Anonymous

Aussies have a beautiful double coat, and sensitive skin underneath. With Jackson I trim his feathers back twice a year and just brush everyday to help thin that undercoat. The furminator works very well if you don't have one I highly recommend one. I have seen Aussies aggressively trimmed around there entire coat, but I would never cut anything except his feathers.

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