Timid, Shy, Reserved Male Blue Merle

by Rob
(Ontario, Canada)

Hello everyone let me start off by saying I have a male blue merle that has come from a good breeder registered CKC and ASCA and I have had him since 12 weeks. We have socialized him everywhere and with everyone he loves our kids and all other kids. He is still shy, timid or reserved whatever you want to say. Currently enrolled in obedience and is head of class but does not like all people to pet on head and of course I tell them under the chin he at times in a situation of too much pressure will back up. Will this dog ever come around totally and should I have to worry about him fear biting even though we socialize him everyday? Personally I believe he never got a whole lot of socialization early before I got him but his litter mates were fine very social so maybe it is just him? He also barks at everyone that walks by the fence including other dogs but I imagine this is normal natural protective instinct?

Thanks for the responses in advance.

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you may have it reversed
by: Anonymous

if you've had him since he was 12 weeks old. I wouldn't think its because of his life BEFORE you. It may be that you are pushing too much on him too fast. At least that's what my holistic vet told me. she told me to watch his signals, go slow and easy so he feels like you are there for him, to protect him (you are the alpha) not the other way around. try it and see. hope this helps.

Holistic Vet?
by: Rob

Thanks. I am definitely the Alpha no questions there not so sure about a Holistic Vet but I do agree about not to much pressure but he needs the socialization. I have been told they need a lot of socialization early prior to the new owner getting the puppy and since I have had him there is no question about being socialized. I guess it is just going to take some time more just wondering if there are other Aussie owners have gone through this and has the dog has come around or that is the way it is going to be. Now I don't just listen to anyone but it was mentioned that you see Aussie's and they are either super friendly or just like mine.

Socialaztion for sure!
by: Anonymous

While a puppy definitely needs socialization, you actually need to continue socialization throughout their entire lives! It is great that you all are enrolled in an obedience class, GREAT first step. But, socialization needs to be continued throughout his life, continue exposing him to new places, people and things. Definitely reassure him when introducing him to these things, for example, by petting him and giving him praises when he gives appropriate behavior in such situations. I would also ask the obedience instructor of your class if they have any further suggestions, they might be able to help you think of something different that might not have occurred to you. Also, while you may not like to hear this, breeding has everything to do with how a dog's personality will turn out, not just environment. So, good breeder or not, if genetically, his parents or one parent was shy or timid, it could definitely have been passed on, and in such a case, you will have to put alot more work into socialization and introducing new things. I hope this is helpful and not discouraging! Good luck!!

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