by Aussieman
(Columbia, LA)

I acquired a two and a half year old female Aussie. When I brought her home, I discovered she was afraid of everything. The other dogs, terrified of the outside, afraid of her collar and leash and about anything else you can think of. I had to discontinue leash training because she would get so stressed. She spends most of her time in her kennel which is located in the house. She was suppose to be a breeder but that didn't work out so she was never socialized as a puppy. All I want is a companion dog that is well trained in obedience. Do I have any hope of acquiring this ? Suggestions welcomed. Thank-you... Aussieman.

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poor little girl
by: Becki

I feel bad about your situation.
Send her to me i live in Iowa on an acreage with 2 other aussies she should be fine with them and eventually warm up to us.

by: Anne Calmes

It will take time. Get her in the car...take her for rides...make everything you do positive and fun with her. Does she like treats? Use treats with everything. Keep them in your pockets the whole time you are home. Play with her with toys If she does not play..teach her.
If you need more advice please e-mail me or call me. I'll be glad to help you.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies

I had the same problem!
by: Anonymous

1. Take him every where with you
2. Carry treats around with you. Whenever he looks to you for something, whenever you say his name, positive things - give him a treat.
3. Ask people to pet your dog! Stop them on the street when you're walking him and ask them to pet your dog. Give them a treat to give him and that'll warm him up to strangers.
4. Start training him because they like to think.
5. Brush him ALL the time, because eventually they'll sit on your lap and put their head in your lap and just want lovin's.

We just adopted a two-year-old Aussie that was supposed to be a breeder and were so excited because we read so much about the breed.

When we saw him at the rescue, he was nervous but we thought it was normal and then when we got home he wouldn't even look at us! We had him for a couple days of him jumping at every little thing, not looking at us, and just being a pouty baby until I took him to a dog park to get some advice.

I was so frustrated when I let him off the leash because he ran to the farthest corner away from me, I thought I had made the worst decision EVER! But I ran into a lady that had four Aussies before and she said that all Aussies are like this for the first month.

She said that they're very loyal and so when they're separated from something they've bonded with they just pout for about a month, but then they're better.

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