Tips On Getting An Australian Shepherd Puppy?

by Mavis

I have always wanted an Australian Shepherd pup! My girl, Gigi, a Labrador, died recently and I'd love to get a new pup. I found this ad:

I've been in touch with the breeder and he seems genuine and caring and asked a lot of questions about me and my situation - which seems to indicate a good breeder. He also told me a lot of positive things about the breed.

Have you any tips on what I should look out for, or questions I should ask the breeder? My last couple of dogs were older rescues so it's been a long time since I had a pup!

Thank you all!

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by: Toni

The link isn't working. Perhaps you can try again?

Tips ...
by: Nonnie

I got my two puppies from Southern Star Mini Aussies here in Texas. She is listed on this site on the mini Aussie page. I have been to her ranch and it is very clean. She invited us to her place when we first started talking to her. We went there with just a few hours notice and they were very hospitable.

Getting a Puppy
by: Anonymous

One of the most important times in an aussies puppy's life is the first eight weeks. Be sure any breeder you get a puppy from is giving them the proper socialization and stimulation. Aussies can be shy with strangers, some more than others. You don't want to get one that is fearful.
Health testing of the parents is crucial. The parents should be screened for PRA-prcd. This is an eye disease that is not curable. If your dog gets this, they will go blind. A carrier will not be affected. Some of the top lines in the country have this in their lines. Be sure to ask. A Cerf test does not reveal this.
Also, you want to be sure the parents have been certified by OFA and Cerf. Your can look these up at the the OFA and Cerf websites. If not there, ask the breeder for the paperwork. The breeder may also have tested for the MDR1.
All of this being said, these dogs make the most wonderful pets. I currently have three aussies. (It's true, they are like potato chips, you can't have just one.) They are highly trainable and delightful.
Good luck finding yours.

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