Toby, The Smiling Aussie :)

by Emily
(Aus. )

Toby likes the be the star of the pic ;)

Toby likes the be the star of the pic ;)

Well Toby is my 4 month old Aussie, and he never stops smiling! I love his Aussie quirks ;)

Someone had a deposit on him, and then cancelled, and we happened to see him, and the breeder said we were perfect for him. I guess it was fate.

He spends his days running around in the mud, barking at the cats, playing with the old cat tunnel, and sitting on my lap like a baby. When he's over a year, we're hoping to get a female!(not to breed of course) I think once you get one, you get addicted!

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Just like Lays Potato Chips!
by: Anonymous

I've had 3 aussies, and simply cannot live without one! My first one would "grin" so hard that he actually looked ferocious! It was so funny to see him "smiling" his heart out at someone who would jump back as if he was going to eat them... priceless!! Good luck with Toby and all your Aussies to come - I forsee plenty!

You can't own just one.
by: Anonymous

You have that right we have 4.

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