Too Late For Taping And Gluing Ears?

by Sherry Fauvelle
(Bowmanville, Ontario)

Best Friends.

Best Friends.

Is it too late to tape or glue my 8 month old Aussies ears! The are prick now. Will they stay that way?

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by: Anonymous

Nothing wrong with that!! Gives him character.

by: jcrply

Not sure why you would want to change his ears, unless this is a show dog. One advantage that prick ears have is that they stay drier and cooler and less likely to have ear infections.

Taping ears????
by: Anonymous

I was wondering why would you want to change his natural look? Their ears are the way they are supposed to be. Please don't change that for your preference. Or go get your ears mutilated first and see how you feel. Just my thoughts.

by: Anonymous

If you wanted a Doberman why did you get and Aussie? Leave nature be. As Popeye said "I am what I am!"

by: Sherry Fauvelle

Please don't misunderstand me. This was a question asked to me and by no means reflects my opinion or feelings towards the subject.

perhaps my question wasn't phrased correctly. My point and question was when is it too late to tape. My girl just happens to be 8 months so I used her age as a gauge.

I didn't glue or tape her ears because I didn't agree with it in the first place. She is perfect just the way she is. Like the first person said "it gives her character".

What are you talking about ?
by: Anonymous

The Doberman comment makes absolutely no sense. If you were educated in this area you would know that this can be common practice to tape or glue the ears DOWN not up between the ages of 3-6 months. Also there is no mutilation involved to respond to the other individual comment. The practice is to encourage the ears to lay down for showing.

This was a question I'm sure looking for an educational answer. Not personal negative opinions.

by: Anonymous

Sorry that I upset some of the readers but my intent was to say why change what is a fine looking animal. I have never shown my pets, so am unfamiliar with such procedures. Over the last 40 years, I have had three Aussies and all of their ears laid close to the head and were quite handsome.

Muscles form early
by: Aussie Lover

My 3-yr.-old has one flat ear and one prick ear. I hated it at first, but have gotten used to it. The prick ear is up when she's alert (about 80% of the time); other times, it lays down. The breeder told me it was too late to tape or glue a long time ago, as the ear muscles form in early puppyhood. She's my sweetie, so I've learned to ignore the ear!

Pricked Ears Too!
by: Anonymous

My Mini Aussie is 6 months, and her ears never lay flat. It is all in her character and I think it is her best feature and I love them! I never planned on showing her, but it is nice to learn things like this-if I were to show her, her ears would disqualify her.

by: Anonymous

Don’t ever tape or glue your dogs ears for a certain look, this is cruel and not natural. Any breeder that does this cares more about getting money for dogs instead of caring for the dogs well being.

by: Anonymous

Seeing all these very in educated responses is concerning. You can still try but I believe it is too late to tape. This is not a cruel practice! And as a herding breed instructor this is a mandatory look for show. An Aussies ears should natural flop. Any sign of prick or tipped ears is possible a sign of a poorly bred dog. When looking for a breeder be sure to look for a responsible breeder who tapes the ears early and health tests! Also don't seek advise on a fur mommy page! Join a group called purebred snobs on Facebook. They can help with any real questions 😂

Don’t do it!
by: Anonymous

My girl is a year now and her ears both are pricked up. She is cute and that is what she is! 😁

What about rose ears?
by: Otis

My Aussie has rose ears since he started teething (he’s five months now)... will they go back to the floppy ones he had before he started teething?

by: Anonymous

A rose ear will stay a rose ear unless taped or glued. Rose ear is common in Aussies.

Ideal timing for taping when they start teething. 3 to 6 months. Some people say keep trying up to a year is ok.

A prick ear is NOT a sign of bad breeding. It is a recessive gene that both mom and dad have to carry in order to produce. There is no genetic test for it. It's unfortunate but a breeder does not know its there until it appears. Now if a breeder repeats the breeding then that would be a bad breeder.

It's like having a bandage on... no cutting of the ear just tape... it's not cruel, doesn't hurt. They might itch at it at first just because it feels weird.

It's a pet... but I get it... I wouldn't want it either.

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