Too Much Love

We have a female 1 1/2 year old Aussie who is very devoted, loving, and of course, energetic. The issue we have is that she licks us - or anyone visiting - incessantly. We've taught her the command 'kiss' and have tried 'no more kisses' or 'enough' which does not always work. Is this a common Aussie trait or is it particular to ours? (She is not my first dog, but my first Aussie and my first experience with this behavior.)


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Too Much Love
by: Nancy

We have two Aussies. One licks us incessantly and even licks the other Aussie. We have tried to tell him no licks but he just keeps it up. We hide our hands or cover up with a blanket. That works. Good luck. They are very lovable dogs and I think this is his way of saying he loves us.

Too much love
by: Heidi

Our 5 yr old is an obsessive licker too! Where ever she can find exposed skin it is nonstop. I try to distract her but no solutions yet. I will be following this. Good luck!

by: Anonymous

Just think of having 2 that won't stop no mater what until they get their fill, eyes ears face and neck. I feel your pain. Most times I can push them off and say enough and it works but if they haven't seen me all day it's best to stand until they get tired of waiting. Then later on do it slowly.

by: Anonymous

Dogs learn licking from their birth mothers and they're way of showing love. Some dogs will lick more than others depending on their mother's licking history.

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