by Maggie Hutzell
(Lincoln, Ne.)

Our Mini Aussie is going on 11 years old and to try and keep her occupied during apartment living I was in the habit of giving her hard or rawhide chew sticks. Well... now her top two longer canine teeth are broken off. Our vet doesn't seem to be too concerned and said that until we see signs of infection like a pouch under each eye we don't need to do anything. Ouch! In my mind that would be painful for it to get to that point. Does anyone have any ideas on whether I should just go ahead and have them removed?

Thanks in advance for any help I receive.

Maggie Hutzell

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by: Anne

I would not remove her teeth. What ever she has...she needs.
That is a lot to put her through at her age. anesthesia and the recovery. The vet advises against it.
Personally I would not do it, but that is me.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Thank you
by: Maggie Hutzell

Thank you Annie. I agree with you that I shouldn't not have them removed I just felt like my vet wasn't really listening. It makes sense to leave them and that she would need whatever she has left of the two canines. Thanks for your input.

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