Toy Aussie With Bloody Stool

by Ashley
(Va Beach)

My baby Marley

My baby Marley

Long story short in Jan 2011 I got my Toy Aussie Marley spay at the local SPCA. Three days later surprise! Marley had kennel cough. Marley was given 50 mg of dyoxcycline 2x a day. Marley could barely keep the pills down and after two days she had explosive diarrhea and was vomiting all the time. The SPCA said that the reaction was normal and to keep giving Marley her pills on time. By the fifth day of pills she was squirting blood and mucus out about 10 times a day. I stopped the medication and I ended up taking her to another vet.

The vet I took her to the second time said that it could be a parasite so I got her checked for everything and it all came back negative. The vet said Marley has colitis. The doctor gave her another antibiotic and it did the same thing. So after 5 days on the second antibiotic I stopped those. It was so frustrating seeing my pup straining to poop and then squeezing a table spoon of blood out. Marley also throws up yellow bile in the morning before she eats. Her intestines also make a swashing noise from her internal sphincters open and close. This only occurs before she throws up in the morning. When her tummy makes noises she will not eat.

Ever since that has happen my poor puppy has had blood in her stool. Not nearly as much but still some blood swirled in. She also still throws up almost every morning before she will eat.

Marley is 1 year old 12 lbs. I got her off craigslist when she was 6 months old. I never got the whole story on her but she is the cutest puppy and I couldn't leave her at a breeders house to be a baby maker. Marley was 7 lbs when I got her and she has completely filled out.

I have heard everyone's opinion from parvo to fasting. I thought maybe she has an allergy to grain but she has been on i/d hills prescription food for 3 months and she still has mucus filled stool.

As of today Marley is on a sweet potato and ground turkey home-made diet with kelp help and probiotics added. She still has been throwing up yellow bile in the morning. Marley has about 2 solid stools and then about noon Marley's poop will get progressively softer until its just a squirt of blood and mucus.

Marley is spay and up to date on all of her shots. She also chews the fur between her pads on her feet if I don't keep them trimmed. At this point we are just living life day to day. Marley has always been playful throughout everything. The only problem is I can not make Marley have consistent hard stool. I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING!!! The only thing I have not checked Marley for is MDR1 gene. Only because she was from a reputable breeder in Utah.

I have tried:
- rice and chicken
- natural anti diarrhea for dogs liquid med.
- hills i/d canned food.
- fasting
- antibiotics.
- canned pumpkin
- sweet potato and turkey

Please respond if you have had similar problems with your Aussie.

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by: champergirlAnonymous

go to a natural pet food store and talk to them a raw diet could be a good choice your dog will have no fillers in the food thus less poops blood is not good,but mucas should be able to clear up. no need for md1 check just avoid whats bad what kind of heart worm is she on interceptor is safe. i have found that for the bile if its the same time almost always its empty stomach sometimes some kernels help between meals. remember if shes pooping alot thers nothing in her hydrate her. hope some of this helps

bloody stool
by: Anonymous

This has not happen with any AUSSI of mine, but it happen to another dog I had. He also went from medicine to medicine and nothing worked. All the analysis came fine so we did and endoscopy and a colonoscopy and the result was that he had a bleeding ulcer in his colon and also gastritis (I hope I'm getting the words right, I'm from Mexico and I'm not sure if I'm getting the right translation for the studies). The doctor gave him medicine for both things and it came out right. Also, I changed his diet and gave him NO chicken because some dogs are alergic to it. Hope this helps.

by: Anonymous

It is VERY important that she finishes her meds! The vet should have also told you that like humans, while taking antibiotics to also feed yogurt or cottage cheese (antibiotics kill these). This will keep the good bacteria populated while she is on the anitbiotics. In my opinion, it is not the antibiotics that are causing the problem. Granted, sometimes they can be allergic to an antibiotic, but it sounds like something else considering she continued to do it.
Keep in mind that the diet she is on now, the turkey, kale and sweet potato is NOT a complete diet! It is ok for short term but not long term, so make sure you at least add a vitamin/mineral supplement to her diet. I am very sorry your little girl is so sick. Maybe another veterinarian would be helpful. Sometimes, diagnosis' aren't so cut and dry. Many different tests may be necessary to rule out certain possibilities for her. I wouldn't be so quick to jump from vet to vet. Sometimes these things take time and there is nothing wrong with starting on the conservative side.
You could also try pepto or Kaopectate at 2 tsp or 1 cc per 10 pounds 1-2 times daily. Hope this helps! Good luck.

Note from Anton: Check with your vet before giving your dog treatments suggested on this website (or any website). You will also want to confirm appropriate dosages with your vet.

by: Debbie

have you tried taking Marley to an actual Animal Hospital instead of a vets office. It will be more expensive but at least you will know whats wrong with her. I dont know where you live but in Philadelphia there is a Penn. Vet. Hospital here and thats where you would take a dog that needs REAL medical attention.

hope this helps
by: Anonymous

oh my goodness, your little one is so cute, but you realize that he looks like he might be mixed; anyway, when my toy boy was sick with the runs, and stuff, My holistic Vet suggested the sweet potatoe as well, which I did. but also switching to a reputable Holistic dry food(in which I mix some holistic can food as well, maybe twice a week)helped; it took several months, but he finally got better. If you don't have a holistic Vet, I would definately recommend one, but make sure they are the real deal. diplomas and all. Ours actually, also treats humans(she went to medical school), and she has helped and saved many an animal, as well as people.
Someone mentioned allergies to chicken, it is so true. My dogs(we have 3 different ages, sizes and breeds) can only eat fish with sweet potatoe, and all sorts of fruits, and vegies, NO GRAINS!
I sincerely wish you and your boy the best. keep us posted.

Marleys Mom
by: Ashley

Thanks for all the advise. Marley was seeing the SPCA vet for two months before I switched to another vets office. She was fine before she was given doxycycline for kennel cough. I was feeding her pedigree dog food and she never had a single problem. She always had hard stools and never threw up. After that happen its like she tore her colon the blood is just swirled through out the stool. But I think it is weird that Marley has 2-3 normal stools in the morning that are hard, firm, and brown. And by noon she will poop mucus swirled with blood. Most of the time she will have a normal stool before bed too. So there is something that is causing a nasty poo in between normal ones.

I read one comment that said to try pepto and I have been giving Marley the doggie pepto from petsmart. But only if she has no solid stool at all.

The reason I haven't gone back to the vet is because I must have gone 20 times and spent all of my money to have not one positive result, it seems no one knows what is wrong with her. I have brought in a pee pad with the blood and mucus all over it just so the vet could see what was coming out of Marley and he wouldn't even look at it and made me pay $10 to take a fecal sample (which all came back neg). Also another vet same practice told me that she could tell Marley has the MDR1 gene. How in the world could she tell that? It can only be proven if a DNA test is done through Washington state. Also another vet told me to not bring my sick dog back after they gave her meds that made her sick. I took Marley to a free vet check up that I had a coupon for and she caught a UTI by just being in the office.

I haven't found the right vet I guess.

Thanks again for all the helpful comments.

She's doing so much better
by: Marley's mom

We took Marley to a pet hospital for an emergency visit because we had family in from Texas and Utah and she was getting worse and worse. The vet ran a blood and fecal exam again which both came back negative again. The vet put her on kaopectate which I had already been giving her for diarrhea. Marley was also put on Panacur dewormer and two different types of antibiotics. It seemed to work because Marley has had solid stool for one month non stop with out fail. She was also put on royal canin HE food and that seemed to help her. She has been putting on weight and her fur is growing too. Marley also stopped throwing up yellow foam in the morning. I hope this helps if someone has the same problems Marley did. So after 6 months of bloody mucus stool she is fixed!!!!! yay


Bloody Mucus in Stool
by: MJ

Hi Brooke, I have been looking for answers from my vet as to the same exact issues you had with Marley. Same thing. Can't find anything. He is 8 month old and has been put on I/D dog food. He wakes up to potty early in the am, has a nice hard poop, I put him back in his kennel, his stomach starts gurgling, then he throws up yellow bile. I wake up and he is staving. I feed him, then he poops a semi hard stool, then about two hours later it turns into mucus, and sometimes mucus with blood. Scares me to death. This morning he has had about 5 movements of mucus and blood. I am waiting to call my vet when the office opens. I did the same exact thing, I saved his stools and a paper towel with the mucus and blood. Last time I spoke to my vet, he said he is stumped and that I should keep a journal and that I may have to take him to get an endoscopy with a specialist. It is very frustrating. I am glad to see that at least Marley is cured. This gives me some sort of hope.

From Texas

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