Toy, Mini Or Full

by Carol Marelli
(Sea Bright, NJ)

My 4yr old border collie with our Aussie pup

My 4yr old border collie with our Aussie pup

I have a Australian Shepherd and was told it was regular size. I love her no matter what size but I am questionable about her size. At 8 weeks she is only 4.8lbs. Is this a growth pattern of a toy Aussie? We've now had her for 2 weeks and she is now 8lbs. Thanks for the input!

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Aussie Size
by: Nonnie

She is just a baby. My mini was smaller than this picture seems to portray. She is four years old now and 27 lbs, 17 inches stall at the shoulder. Smartest dogs Ever!!!!!

Toy Mini
by: Lois

My toy mini started out at 10lbs even for a long, long time now at almost 4yrs old she's grown and weighs about 15lbs. She waddles when she walks but is fast on her feet when chasing birds or etc. Give your baby time, they do catch up!

by: gayle--big run aussies

She seems very tiny. My pups are usually about 4lb at 5 weeks and 8 lbs at 7 weeks.

My "mini"
by: Anonymous

Mine was 9 lbs at 9 wks and is now 45lbs which is about 10 lbs more than he was supposed to be. (he was supposed to be a mini, but is really bordering on a small standard)

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