Training An Aussie To Not Roam On Walks

by Denise
(Fair Hill, Maryland)

This is the pup

This is the pup

I'm preparing to get an Aussie mix pup from a rescue. I have experience with Border Collies and GSDs. I thought Aussies were very similar, but as I do research, it seems that may not be true.

Do Aussies have a greater tendency to want to roam on walks rather than stay with me as my BCs and GSDs would do? How easy would it be to train them to follow me rather than go off on a "patrol"?

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Roaming in aussies
by: Anonymous

First, it depends on the "mix" in the pup. If there is a high prey drive, ie terrier, it may be more complicated. I started walking my Aussie pup at nine weeks off leash in safe areas, that's when pups are naturally following anyway. Lots of recalls, treat every time he came close, treat always given at my left leg. Now at 13 months he will go off to investigate something but comes back when called. Or I can head him off with a command to stay with me. I am sure as he gets older he will stay close by most of the time. Have fun with your new pup!

Thanks for responding
by: Anonymous

That is the method I intended to use. It worked well with my German Shepherds. (My Border Collies didn't really need to be trained on recall.) Glad to hear it works with Aussies too. She likely has some Lab in her genes. One of her litter mates shows some Lab. So hopefully she'll naturally have a strong motivation for cooperation. Thanks again.

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