Training Retrieval

by Mark Reisner

I have a wonderful 6 month old and would like to train her to play catch retrieve with a ball, Frisbee etc. She does not appear at all interested or distracted when we start. Any ideas, help, tips?

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Training retrieve
by: Anonymous

Neither of my Aussies (now 3+ yrs & 15 mths) were in the least bit interested in chasing/fetching a ball until they were over a year old . They both became ball obsessed at about 13 mths so be patient - it will happen. They are now both great 'flyball' dogs.

Training Retrieval
by: Nonnie

I have two mini Aussies - eight months old. One LOVES Frisbee. She can sniff them out wherever we put them. She wanted to play when she was barely four months old. Our breeder said we should wait until she was six months old so her bones are matured. She would love it if we threw the frisbee for her all day long. The other one will run after the frisbee, then take it and lay down with it.

They are all different.

Disc dog
by: Anonymous

Our Aussie is around 9 months now and I can't hardly throw a disc she can't out run, and I play disc golf so I can throw them. I started her out throwing rollers when we first got her, about 4 months old or so. That way she didn't have to jump to catch them. Anyway, now all we have to say is lets play discs and she's gone. When we're done we tell her to bring her disc inside and she does, so smart.

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