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What advice do you have for training siblings? I have two year olds, male and female, and struggle with the female challenging my authority. When the male is attentive to me and receiving praise, as in fetching and retrieving, the female will charge him and take away the stick.

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by: Anonymous

Stick with one Golden!

Same Issue
by: Mike

I have two 10-month old female sisters...

They feed off each other and getting them to stop wrestling each other when one is working out versus the other is a chore.

I will take any and all advise too...


I also have issues training my male and female siblings. I've tried with working with just one, like tie one to a tree while I work with the other. But they are very hard to separate. one will always cry and fuss and distracts the one I'm working with.
If I work with both one is never at the same time as the other for listening to commands. So treats are not given at the proper time for one and gets confusing for all of us.
Thanks for any tips given. Can't afford classes right now. want to do it my self but very difficult with 2 hyper dogs!
Linda :)

Alpha Sibling
by: Anonymous

I have a female and male 2 yr old siblings and unfortunately was never told the difficulty of raising siblings until we were too emotionally attached to separate them. A breeder told us later that neither develop fully emotionally when they are siblings and I can see that now.
I try to be the "alpha" but between the siblings there is an "alpha" and the non-alpha is confused constantly as to who to take signals from (me or his sibling).
This last week I took one (male, non-alpha) to NM with me and it is the first time they have ever been separated. It has been challenging because he is now glued to me, waiting for signals to eat/drink from me that he used to get from his alpha sister.
There is a term that there is alot of research on that I can't recall just now - but it is generally an unending challenge.
I do train them on leads etc. completely separate - even from sight.
I will keep you posted and please do the same!

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