Two Aussie Girls Can't Be Trusted Together

by Deanna Demers
(Lakeville, Ma.)

I have a 13 year old Aussie adopted her when she was 4 months old. Four years ago I brought home another Aussie girl at 8 weeks old. They love each other but after two ugly fights, where the
older one got hurt, I had to keep them apart. Even playing together in the fenced in yard doesn't work. The younger one plays too rough with my older Aussie. I feed them separately, walk them each by themselves on leash. This is not what I wanted but it's the only way. I am a woman alone. They are good and sweet but together, one minute things are ok but anything can cause the fights. Can't think of anything else to do.

Deanna with Nizhoni-Tipsoo a black tri & Cinette-Rose blue merle.

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by: Anonymous

The reality is that yes they can never be trusted alone.
The aggression issue is never really cured.
Been there with an English Setter. Great 95% of the time but...

by: gayle--big run aussies

Your younger girl is trying to take over. I believe that if at all possible, you should consult a professional trainer who uses positive methods. Your old girl does not deserve this. She should be living out her golden years in peace. It will not be easy, but you can learn to control this. If you live in the Chicago area, I can help you find someone to help you. If you live elsewhere, you could ask your vet about training.

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