Uneven Hair - Undercoat Rake Use

by Mimi

So my girl is shedding and I thought I'd help her out using an undercoat rake. As expected, bunches and bunches of light fuzzy hairs came off. What I didn't predict is how uneven and choppy her hair would now look in some places. It's almost like a mullet in some spots with long hairs next to short hairs on her side and hips/pants. Is this normal? It's not a FURminator, but the Evolution Double Row Undercoat Rake which came highly recommended. All I did was run it through thick bushy spots

Will this grow back evenly? Did I do something wrong? I am still able to get lots of hair if I rake her coat but I'm afraid to make her look worse! Is this normal? Should I just keep going? She's a 9 month old Black Tri.

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Puppy-Adult Coat
by: Mimi

After further research, this looks like it coincides with the transition from puppy to adult hair. Still the uncovered/raked hair looks more like undercoat. I'm not sure what puppies look like during this stage but it's definitely similar to human adolescence. Awkward!

Any info out there about how long this lasts, what is normal and how to handle it? I should mention she likes to swim.

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