Unsociable Australian Shepherd

by Lisa
(Ontario, Canada)

My 5 month old Aussie does NOT like being social! I have tried since he was 9 weeks old and he refuses to be friendly with anyone (human or animal) other than his immediate human family? I keep hearing that he will be a menace later on - what can I do to change this outcome?

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Unsociable Aussie
by: Marilyn

I have the same issue with my three year old. I have been working on him sice I brought him home at the age of 11 weeks. He was fine til he hit a year, other than by then had deveoped a hatred of vehicles. He is a car chaser, not very good at re-call unless I yell, other than our other family pets, is aggressive with other dogs & strangers. No matter what I do with him, he can't seem to sort himself out with pack order either. Just seems needy and pushy all the time. Separation anxiety and food agression are also a big issue with him. He is super affectionate with everyone he knows, loves our cats, and is quite obedient in the house, until the doorbell rings of course, then it's total chaos. I love him to pieces and keep blaming myself for all of this, but he has been raised no differently than any other dog we've had. I am at my witts end not being able to trust and control this very bad behaviour. Good luck with your pup, stay firm and hopefully with time this will get better. ;-D

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

5 months old is a very difficult time for a pup. They go through fear periods when you wonder what happened to that sweet pup who lives in our house. It's kind of like having a teenager in the house. If at all possible, please try to get your pup into a positive reinforcement class where he will be socialized with treats, praise, etc. You can also do this at home when you have guests, when you are out for a walk, etc. Have a delicious treat with you that he does not get at any other time-- something like hot dogs, sausage, real chicken, steak, whatever and have new acquaintances give him the treat for just being who he is. He will soon learn to trust others as he does you. It may take a while as any proper training does, but it will be well worth the time and effort you put into it!

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