Unusually Laid Back Pup?

by Janet
(Charleston, WV, USA)

Hello! I have an 11 week old, blue merle female. She's been with us for two weeks now, and I'm wondering if her behavior is normal.

I thought long and hard before deciding on an Aussie... and I really did my research. I expected her to be much more active than she is. I'm not complaining but just wondering if she's unusually calm. I've had her to my vet and checked her out completely.

She's playful and very interactive but seems to sleep quite a bit. She is super smart and I'm enjoying her SO much. Our schedule goes something like this;

5 am-out of crate to potty, eats and a yard "walk" on leash. Then she follows me around getting ready for work.

6:45-leave to drop kids at school and head to work. (She comes with me)

7:30-quick walk around outside the office then head inside. She greets people who stop by my office and sleeps/plays some but quietly.

10:00-pee break outside. Back inside and play some then goes back to sleep.

11:00-I feed her lunch by hand practicing sit, down and watch. (She knows these three pretty well.)

11:30-12:30-outside to walk/play until she's done. Sometimes we go for a ride. I play games with her like hiding kibble and teaching her "find it".

1:00-she's out cold.

3ish-potty break and play.

3:45-leave office and pick up kids.

4:45-a good yard romp on leash with me. (I hardly ever have to even hold it. She stays by me always.)

6:00-she stays with me while I cook dinner, we play and go out several times. She plays around a little with my old lazy beagle supervised... until he gets tired of it. She'll sleep on and off between all this.

9-10-she's in the crate. She wakes up to pee around 2am.

She is time consuming, but she is so calm and easy going... even stops when I say "no"... if she's chewing or something. Is it normal for this to be so... easy? I realize that she will require more intense exercise when she's older, and I'm prepared for that, but does this sound like normal energy level for an Aussie her age?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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it will change
by: Anonymous

She's still very young and puppies do play and sleep. She will start to get more active as she grows i would suggest you to let her play with other puppies its great for socialization. I used to take my puppy to doggie day care (petsmart) for half day once or twice a week . She seems a wonderful girl but don't be fooled she is an aussie and exercises and socialization are required... all the best!

Laid Back Pup
by: Kathy

Yes, this is normal. Puppies do require a lot of sleep. I have a 10 month old male and after I take him on a walk where he gets a lot of mental stimulation, after we get home, he crashes for a couple of hours. I love it because I can get things done around the house and he is not trying to help!

Sounds Normal
by: Mike

Your pup is with you most of the day and seems like he is busy. It sounds normal and evenly paced. I wish I could bring my two 'terrors' to work with me.

All is well...

by: Janet

Thanks for the comments.

Her activity has picked up some, but she's still the easiest pup I've ever had. Even my husband, (who is not a dog person), has fallen for her.

After she gets her 3rd round of vaccines, I'll be enrolling her into a doggy daycare one day a week. I've owned a dog that didn't get along with others and I want to make sure she's socialized properly. She met a baby and another pup last night at a friends house and did great.

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