Walking Your Aussie

by Kate Connell
(Winter Garden, Florida)



My Aussie is almost 5 months old, we have a large fenced in yard. I try to take her for walk but she doesn't want to go further than our yard. I can get her to go about past one house from ours but that's it. They're active dogs, I don't know why she isn't dragging me everywhere she has already graduated from puppy class and is now in an intermediate class.

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Walking your puppy
by: Anne Calmes

Try taking treats with you. The best treat your puppy enjoys..something really great.
have you asked your Obedience trainer for any tips?
If you need more information please contact me.
Anne C.
Gold Ring Aussies

by: Anonymous

We had the same problem with our puppy at 4 months old but couldn't figure out why until we finally realized that a sound or smell from the storm drain must have scared her at some point. It took about 2 weeks of luring with treats and giving lots of praise, but now she has absolutely no problem walking past that area. Maybe something similar happened to your dog?

by: Gayle

Puppies go through a fear period at about 4 months. She is probably apprehensive about leaving the safety of your yard. She may be starting to be a little territorial about her yard, too. You might try to take her to the park rather than trying to walk her near your home. It would be good, too, to keep her away from experiences that might cause lasting harm to her-- older dogs that might hurt her, etc. She is a real cutie! Reminds me of my 10 month old Bryn.

Walking your Aussie
by: Anonymous

I have a mini aussie who did the same thing, and now he is almost two years old and always wants to go for long walks. Maybe they are just a little frightened when they're young. I am sure your little buddy will be going for long walks very soon. He is beautiful by the way.

Walking as a pup? /jogging
by: Brandon

Hello all,

I just got an Aussie two days ago. Carrot is 7 weeks. Super healthy, loves to please me. Has gotten scared a few times and the whole luring with treats to get him to do things again works. Just one day of training and he is sitting and walking on a loose leash.

On walking, I have read that they shouldn't do any jogging or 'forced exercise' until they are a year old. IS this true??? Yesterday he walked like 3 miles with me haha. He's a tough and ruthless little one.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Please give feedback about the walking.


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