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Warm Climate To Cold Climate. Will My Dog Need A Jacket For Winter?

by Pam
(Truckee, CA)

Hi! We moved from Houston, Texas to Truckee, CA this summer. I have a Mini Aussie turning nine this October. We get a lot of snow here during the winter. We actually just had a snowfall last night. She did great this am and seemed unphased by walking on the snow and the snow falling on her. I know Aussies have a lot of coats of fur but was curious to know if I needed to look into a jacket for the winter months?

The local pet store said she should be fine without one and that my dog would let me know if she needed one... LOL... but wanted to get some opinions from Aussie owners.

They said the jackets can run a bit pricey and to wait before spending money on a good one!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and super helpful!



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Winter jacket
by: Anonymous

I live in Canada near Toronto, it can get very cold here in winter, but my dog hates to wear a coat and seems fine without one unless it is extremely cold and windy. And then just a light coat. Aussies seem to love the snow and the cold weather!

Warm Climate to Cold Climate
by: Rebecca

Aussies are extremely compatible with cold climates. We moved from Arizona to Pennsylvania with our Aussies and she loved the outdoors in winter. We now have another Aussie that will stay outdoors all day winters if we would let her. Just don't groom her too closely during the summer. Their fur seems to be insulation to whatever climate change occurs.

Thank you
by: Pam

Thank you both so much! This was super helpful! I can’t wait to see her when we get significant snow... as I mentioned before... she already seems to like it!

by: Valerie Leonard

My Aussie is a rescue from Texas. I brought her to Alaska during a cold snap of around -10 degrees. She didn’t care at all and loves the snow.

Maybe if it’s super cold like the -10 and you are going to be outside for hours you might need one or when she gets old maybe.

Dog booties may be required though. Snow packs to my dog's feet so regardless of temperature, she has to wear booties if she’s out in the snow for long.

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