Weight Gain Of Mini Aussie Puppy

by Denise

My 3 month old Mini Aussie gained 5 pounds in 3 weeks. Is that normal? I do not want to over feed him but after reading a forum on this site it sounds as if I maybe over feeding/over treating him. In the morning and evening I give him 1/2 cup Eukanuba small breed puppy food, I give him 1 Blue Tranquility jerky at lunch, 1 puppy Kong dental chew a night, Old Mother Hubard baked bones throughout day (about 5 a day) and mini peanut butter treats 3 1/2 calories a piece, about 10-15 pieces a day.

Please help.

Thank you


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by: Nancy

You are not overfeeding him with dog food but the treats are putting on the weight. Cut out all treats except for one or two. In the meantime use apple slices (no seeds) or orange slices (no rind) or any fruits and vegetables he likes as a treat. There is no weight gain with fruits and veggies. Good Luck

Weight gain of mini Aussie puppy
by: Anonymous

ease off the peanut butter treats, 3 1/2 calories each x 15 is a lot. Switch to Milkbone mini dog biscuits multi flavored she he doesn't get tired of the same thing.

mini weight
by: cheyenne

our red merrell mini just turned 4months and is a skinny 17 lbs I submitted a question yesterday for a growth chart mini vs non mini our baby has a mini mom and a full dad

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