What Age Would One Expect To See Their Aussie Grinning?

by Tania

Hi, I was wondering what age that an Australian Shepherd would start grinning by if they are going to display this trait? We have purchased a puppy from a breeder and she is now nine weeks old. Her mother is a grinner ... we have seen her do it and the breeder has video online of our puppy's mother grinning ... so we know that she has the genes for it. The breeder told us that it might be a few weeks and we are hoping our little puppy will be a grinner.

I have looked round the internet and there seems to be no real indication of what age grinning starts. I guess I just want to know how long I should hold out for until I know if she's a grinner or not.

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Comments for What Age Would One Expect To See Their Aussie Grinning?

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Aussie Grinning
by: Anne

we have a 12 week old puppy and I just saw her grin for the 1st time this past weekend. I have only seen her do it once. Her sister at 6 weeks old did it all the time.
Some aussies never do it, even though their parents do. It is up to your aussie.
Hope that helps

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Anonymous

Sorry, I don't know. My aussie does not grin. I have seen pictures and videos - it is a hoot!

Grinning Aussies

HI, I was fortunate enough to have a smiling aussie I was told they are special, but I believe all aussies are special. Sparky was one year old when I first noticed it. He smiled only for my son who was his original owner and daughter-in-law also. His father smiled also, they called him Smiley, so I guess it is in their genes. It is so cute to see this. Have another aussie, but not a smiler. Sure makes us smile, tho. LOVE these guys, aussies!

smiling aussie
by: Anonymous

Our dog didn't smile until we went away for a week~she smiled at me when we returned. I didn't know at the time that aussies did this. She was about 20 months old at the time. She now smiles every morning at the kids when she first sees them, she snorts when we return home from a short outing, and she smiles at people that she is familiar with... or sometimes when she has two or three people all giving her attention at once she smiles (we walk past a highschool and the kids love her and she smiles at them!)

the Aussie Smile
by: Anonymous

Toby, my black-tri Aussie, just started smiling about a week ago. When he first did it, I was correcting him for something he did wrong. I mistook it as a snarl....my bad! Didn't realize Aussies actually do smile. He is 22 months and smiles all the time now, especially when I feed him or get down to his level and call him to me.

Aussie Smiler
by: Anonymous

My fabulous Aussie started smiling at about 4 months. She smiles every morning and when she sees someone familiar. She also seems to laugh. If I see her smiling incessantly, I laugh and she seems to join in. She is a remarkable dog - so smart, loyal, obedient and smart. She truly is a blessing and an angel.

Aussie Smile
by: Anonymous

My mini Aussie began smiling around 10 weeks when my son came over and had a more rousing playtime than I ever had with her. That was the first time she smiled. She's been smiling ever since when she is especially happy, excited, having fun or greets people she is familiar with and especially likes.

Aussie grins!
by: Anonymous

We have a one-year-old Aussie/Catahoula Leopard mix and he's been grinning since he was a few months old. It is so adorable! His mother (a purebred Aussie) is a grinner as well.

by: Anonymous

We have two Aussies. Our oldest (4) grinned at the age of 4-5 weeks. The breeder snapped a picture. He grins, snorts and wiggles every time we come home. Our youngest 1-1/2 years just started grinning. Usually during play. They are the best dogs!

Aussie grin
by: Steenbergen

Our Aussie girl started grinning at 6 months age...
Love to see her so happy.
It's makes your heart melt.

Joker Grin
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure when he started but he's been smiling more and more as he gets older. His mama doesn't smile and we never met his father. Our pup started doing it first thing in the morning when he was let out of his crate and rambunctiously affectionate. He's 9 months old now and grins whenever he's feeling excited or mischievous.

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