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What Are The Differences Between NSDR, ASCA, AKC, Etcetera?

by Skyler

Can someone please explain to me the significance and differences of NSDR, ASCA, AKC, etcetera? I'm looking to buy a standard Aussie and I'd really like to understand everything about the pups I'm looking at and all the information about them before I do anything permanently.

Any insight would be extremely helpful and appreciated!

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by: Cpcc

I do not patronize AKC because of a few horror stories I have heard about how they treat non AKC breeders. They try to go in as potential buyers and then make up false accusations pertaining to the non AKC breeder. There was a lawsuit against a couple AKC and county as well as state officials in NC for unlawful confiscation of one non AKC breeders entire line of Aussies. They ended up killing over 30 dogs and stealing the money for selling the others. The problem was they were able to get a relative that was a judge to sign a warrant to take the dogs before they ever went into the facility. Also a local tv crew was there to televise the arrest of the breeder before the cops showed up. The AKC officials posed as potential buys and purchased two pups after the warrant was signed by a judge but yet the warrant was based on what they supposedly witnessed when they purchased the puppies. Now the AKC official, the animal control agent, and the judge who signed the warrant (all of whom are related by blood or marriage) are being or have already been sued in civil court. The judge and the animal control agent both resigned their positions and are under investigation for illegal search and seizure of property. The breeder had 40+ aussies but he had them in clean kennels on 20+ acres of land. He has been falsely accused but has lost the Aussie bloodline he had worked for years to acquire. Therefore, any AKC dogs that I acquire now, get registered with CKC or national stock dog registries.

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