What Causes Aggression With SOME Other Dogs?

by Ken Campbell
(Fort Myers, Fl)

My Aussie is great with people and other dogs. When we visit the dog park he is fantastic with all around him... however in some cases when other dog comes close he gets bent outta shape and shows aggression... not fighting but just sending big time warning signals. I do not know why he does this. Is it being protective or what? He mixes with many dogs and it is no problem, but on occasion he gets angry. Today it was with a 2 month old Boxer puppy. So why would that be?

I'm confused and seek some advice from other Aussie owners.

Thanks much

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Just SOME dogs
by: jcrply

My dog is similar. Our dogs are really great at reading body language. Since your pup does this to only SOME dogs and not most dogs, I'm guessing he is reading something menacing in the body language of those few dogs. I don't take my Aussie to dog parks, but if this happens on a leashed walk, I just turn and go the other way. I can tell when it's one of THOSE dogs by the way my Aussie gets an intense stare and lowers her body just a little and pushes her head a little forward as we walk. Better to just turn and go another direction.

I Do the same, walking away .
by: Anonymous

yes , no more dog parks for us .My 3 years old male used to be the friendliest dog ever ,now we don't know why some dogs make him go nuts.

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