What Do I Need To Have For A Aussie?

by Tracie

I need to know what things I need for our going to be new member of our family?

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Love, Love, Love, Obedience classes, Love, Love, Love, more Obedience classes, Love, Love, Love... Your Australian Shepherd will want to do everything you tell her, but you have to teach her that you are the "alpha". You make the rules, you own the toys, the food, the bones. Love her.

I just got an aussie
by: Anonymous

What I use more than anything is a Lupine choke collar and leash (matching - of course.) The collar isn't a chain, but fabric, so it doesn't scare them it just lets them know that far away from you means uncomfortable.

My dog is just under two and is still a little nervous, so he's not excited with things going over his head (i.e. balls.) Get him his own space, either a crate or a bed, that's all his and MAKE SURE TO LAY ON IT. He wouldn't lay on his bed until we laid on it and now he goes right to it.

You need a pin brush for his top coat and a rake brush for his under coat. If you got him from a shelter his hair is going to be gross and wiry. Brush like four times a day (one after each walk, maybe) and in about two weeks in will all be so soft!

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