What Do You Do About Early Signs Of Aggression?

by Amy Singleton
(Mobile, AL)

My 13 week old Australian Shepard is beginning to get snippy. She tried to get into the garbage and I pushed her away by the shoulder. When I did that she growled/snapped at me. How should I fix this?

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Snappy puppy
by: Marty Harrison

I have trained dogs for helper dog companies and seeing eye dogs. Your pup needs to recognize that you are the alpha and I would immediately pick up the pup after the incident and lay them down on their back with their legs in the air to make them show submission to you.Make sure to be firm and say NO and make her realize that she cannot growl or snap at you. This is what the mother dog would do to correct aggressive behavior. This behavior will only get worse if you allow it now.
Good luck and love your Aussie they are the best.

aussie owner
by: Shirley

Do not let her get away with this behavior....instead of pushing her away...spray her face with water in a spray bottle...when she steps away...give praise and a treat....it may take several times. Also yell "Bad Dog" when you think she is being aggressive.,,,and walk away.

Good Luck

Signs of Aggression
by: Anonymous

I have two female blue merles. They are siblings. I have watched for aggression between them because I know it can happen. They are not allowed to get 'carried away' with their play. When they were about a year old, one of them had something in her mouth. As I reached into her mouth it was obvious she didn't want to let it go. She didn't snap at me but she growled and bared her teeth. I immediately turned her over on her back, and scolded her, firmly, until she relaxed and submitted. I have been the alpha to both and all is well. I have tested taking something away from her and there is no resistance at all. I believe the correction needs to be done immediately so the message is very clear. I love my Aussies. These are two of a few that I have had over the years. They are so smart and loving, wanting nothing but to please "the Alpha".....

My precious Aussie Pup
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for your comments. It's funny how you have all said the same response. While waiting for your response, I went on YouTube and watched Censure the dog whisperer. He suggested the same thing. I have been doing this and it has been affective. He also suggested when getting into the garbage, you guard it as if it belongs to you. Crazy how fast that worked. I have a special needs son (7 yrs) which has resulted in my greatest challenge because he too has issues with his boundaries with her. In their situation, she is the alpha dog. It's been challenging trying to get him learn how to make her submissive to him because he often plays to rough with her or pushes her to her limits. I have had to put both of them in time out. Were getting there.
Thanks again,

by: Gayle-Big Run Aussies

I am a little appalled by these replies. Your pup is a baby and needs to be treated as one. Generally, Aussies are very sensitive dogs and require gentle handling. It is time for your pup to get some positive training by everyone in your household. She can and would love to learn how to act properly in all situations. First of all, "alpha rolls" are never done by a mother dog. A pup will roll over on its own, never by force. If a pup is treated in such a manner, you will have a dog that shuts down and is fearful. Please look up some Victoria Stilwell videos on YouTube and clicker training particularly. It would be best if your son would feed the pup by making her sit. He could also hand feed her from his lap.
I have trained Aussies for over 20 years as therapy dogs, service dogs and as top performance competitors in agility and obedience --all with positive training. Fell free to PM me at bgrnaussie@comcast.net

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