What Food Will Help Puppy With Diarrhea?

I have a 3 month old Australian Shephard puppy who is having some belly issues. The first time I took him to the vet and they advised a bland diet as well as a 10 day medication for diarrhea. He was fine for about a week as I gradually added his food back in (we use Blue Buffalo puppy mix) and now he is experiencing the same issues. What food should we switch him too?


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by: Ryan

I personally feed mine "taste of the wild". It has no grains and is a five star food. It has sweet potatoes which is good for sensitive tummies. Plus the price is way better than blue buffalo. I will forever swear by this food.

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by: Kathy

Feed your puppy white rice, cottage cheese (plain) and boiled chicken. Small dosages at first and then increase as you start to see results.

by: Nonnie

I'm not actually giving a suggestion, just posting what happened with our Aussie with the same situation.

When my 3-1/2 year old mini Aussie was a puppy and had diarrhea I would feed the bland diet and add plain yogurt to help with her digestive system. The diarrhea just got worse. We ran out of yogurt one day and I couldn't get to the store for a day or so. I noticed quite quickly that her diarrhea was getting better! We did a very short (one meal) test adding the yogurt back in ... sure enough the diarrhea came back strong!

You may or may not be giving your girl any diary products ... but if you are, try eliminating them. I feed all of my dogs (four! two Aussies, a teacup poodle and a maltese) Blue Buffalo. It is the best.

by: Denise

When we got our boy at 4 months , he had diarrhea constantly. I changed his diet several times different brands and diarrhea never got better. He had so many types of and parasites with him, we thought that's was causing his diarrhea... after so many treatments to get rid of the amount of parasites ...he was finally free from them but his diarrhea still happening. His vet decided to put him on a medicated food for sensitive gastro intestinal problems called ID /GI restore from Hills, he got 100 percent better. Its a very expensive food but now that he is healed, she's encouraging us to try regular brands to cut costs. He's turning 2 in May I will try regular brands...

by: Anonymous

I had the same experience as the above commenter with yogurt! When we brought our Maisy home he breeder told us to give her plain or vanilla flavored yogurt to help with the upset tummy from moving her and changing her food, and it gave her horrible diarrhea the first night. She went literally every hour. The next day I stopped the yogurt and started mixing white rice with a little chicken broth in with her dry food and it helped within a few hours.

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