What Is The Best Dog Food For A Mini Aussie?

What is the best dog food for a Mini Aussie?

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Best Dog Food
by: Nancy

We give both our Aussies Taste of the Wild. They love it. It doesn't have any fillers and their coats are very shiny. A bit expensive but worth it for our babies.

Best food for Aussies
by: Jackiey

Both my Aussie's (Walt is 11 months, and Rowdy is 5 yrs) eat LIFE'S ABUNDANCE. They have eaten this since since early puppyhood into adulthood.
Both have beautiful coats, have never had any diarrhea or stomach upsets.
It is a product developed by a Veterinarian.
It is delivered to my door about every 6 weeks.

toy aussie Buddy
by: Anonymous

1 year old and have tried almost everything to teach him to come on command no luck. HELP HELP

teaching come
by: Anonymous

You have to make it a game to begin with as a puppy, so stand in front of your puppy with a treat or fav toy, something they want, then stick it in their face get their attention and say come, come repeat running backward they should follow you then stop and give them the treat or toy. Don't use their name just say "Come, Come etc. start with short runs then lengthen then have someone hold the puppy and move farther away and call Come.. start moving backwards when they get to you give them the treat/toy... win win.

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