What Is The Best Food For My Miniature Aussie At Age 11?

What is the best food to maximize the health and potential longevity of my 11 year old Mini Aussie Shepherd?

He is currently doing fine on Natural Balance Organic dry dog food.

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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

If your dog is doing great on what he is eating why change it? I would say if your dog has changes in weight or other health issues, you might think about changing food.

Best food for 11 year old
by: Anne

Hello, Why mess with what works. If your dog does well on the food you feed, stick with it.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Pet Food Nutritionist
by: Bee


In response to your question regarding a proper food for an 11 year old Aussie. Natural Balance is a great quality food with many added benefits, and a mid range protein level. As your dog ages it may be good to consider a senior formula. All brands, including Natural Balance, have a senior formula in their line. Switching to a senior formula does not automatically mean that your dog is "old". Senior formulas boast higher fiber levels, which is very important as a dog enters their golden years. For the most part they will contain lower levels of protein and more vegetables or healthy grains to keep the dog fuller, longer.

Hopefully this helps!
All the best,

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