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What Is The Best Puppy Food?

What is a good puppy food for my Aussie? We have her on Taste Of The Wild puppy right now and she loves it. But the vet told us grain-free dog food isn't good?

So I been looking around and don't know what to give her now. Purina Pro Plan seemed good and Natural Balance and Science Diet. Not sure which on to give. What are some of you giving your Aussie pups?

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Best Brands of Dog Food
by: Anton

I'm not sure why your vet advises against grain-free dog food. Usually, the highest rated brands have the lowest levels of grains. Others may not include grains but still have some carbs from other sources. We have page on the site about some of the best dog food brands here.

dog food selection
by: Dusty

We can appreciate the quandary re: food selection, there are many good ones... we have referred to a useful site:
This might help you in your selection... good luck, I'm sure your puppy will enjoy which ever one you select.

big misunderstanding about grain free
by: jcrply

There has been a big misunderstanding about the advisory about grain-free dog foods. First, it is difficult if not impossible for dogs to properly digest grains since dogs' digestive tracts are so short. There are some really good grain-free dog foods that have MEAT as their primary ingredient instead of grain. The problem is that a lot of the manufacturers of low-quality dog foods have tried to jump on the grain-free wagon. But what they have done is NOT to change to a meat based recipe but instead they have substituted for the grain such foods as peas, other legumes, and potatoes. These are not good for dogs in large quantities. But those dog foods can be labeled as "grain-free". I think this is dishonest and deplorable trickery.
What you need to do is buy grain-free dog food that is primarily MEAT. Meat is what a dog needs as a natural diet.
For reviews of dog foods, including puppy food, please see the website

Our Aussie's diet
by: Anonymous

I have 2 Aussies (1 1/2 years) and we feed them some Orijen adult kibble in combination with a raw diet (ground beef mixed with fresh sweet potato, apple, carrot, parsley, ground flax, eggs, plain yogurt) Check out Pet Fooled on Netflix

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