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What Is the Ideal Weight for a Mini Aussie?

by Sarah
(Elma, Washington, USA)

Hello All, I'm new here. I recently rescued a dog and just got the results to his DNA test. It turns out he is a purebred Mini Aussie. Which is odd... because he is 62 pounds according to our vet.

I've looked online and found that Mini Aussie's should only weigh upwards of 30 pounds. I find it hard to believe that he is 30 pounds overweight. 10 pounds? Yes. 30 pounds? Absolutely not.

Anyone have any experience with this? Having a Mini who weighed a lot more than they're supposed to? I think I'm going to put him on a prescription diet food but I just wanted to get some insight into this from other owners because it is strange to me.


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Mini Aussie weight
by: Ziggy's Dad

We rescued Ziggy, a 4-year old who one of the previous vets had categorized as a Mini Aussie. He weighed 55 lbs and the vet said he was overweight. Based on his dimensions, he is 20" at the withers (shoulder) and about 24" from the withers to his rump. Based on those measurements, he is not a Mini but a full-sized Aussie.
Hope that helps!

by: jcrply

There is no official breed called Mini Aussie. There is the Miniature American Shepherd which looks like a small Australian Shepherd. The breed entered the AKC Foundation Stock Service as the Miniature American Shepherd in May 2011. Some Miniature American Shepherds were produced by breeding Aussies to smaller breeds of dogs. You have either a large Miniature American Shepherd or an Australian Shepherd.

Lucy's Mom
by: Anonymous

I just rescued Lucy and she is 20lbs overweight the result of being caged, too much food and too little exercise. So yes the poor things can be very obese. I hope with a proper diet and exercise she will get her figure back and be able to run and play without strain. It will be a slow process, maybe 6 months. It took 4yrs for her to get so fat. She has lost 1lb in just over 3 weeks and can move much better already. She is a Mini 16" tall. Good luck with your new boy.

Large "Miniature"
by: Henry

I bought a Miniature Aussie and saw his parents and siblings when I did so. His parents were both quite small - I'd say around 25lbs. My puppy, however, just got huge! He weighs 55lbs and is only 9 months old. He is not fat! I don't know. A big gene from his line somewhere!

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