Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
Guide To Australian Shepherd Training and Care

What "Jobs" Have You Created For Your Aussie To Perform?

by Mike
(Tracy, CA)

I have a 6 month old male Aussie (1/2 full size, 1/2 mini). I got him when he was 8 weeks old. I am dealing with some of the typical puppy issues: getting in the garbage, jumping on furniture, stealing socks from the laundry, etc. Other than that, he is generally a good puppy.

My biggest issue right now is how to keep him entertained when I let him in the backyard by himself. There are times when he wants to go outside, but I can't go with him and he will sometimes cause mischief.

Things he has done: Pulled the insulation off my sprinkler risers, dug holes near my garden, dug up one of my planter boxes, and last night destroyed my son's bicycle helmet.

What can I do to keep him entertained and out of trouble? I have heard these guys need a job to perform, but I am at a loss for what to teach him.

Any suggestions?


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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care