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What Size Crate Is Needed For An Aussie

by Denise
(Birmingham, Alabama)

In a couple months we will be getting an Aussie puppy! I want to crate train her and am looking at purchasing a crate she can grow into. (It will have a divider we can use while she is a puppy) I know females weigh approx 40-55lbs and measure 18-21" at withers. Most of what I read says you need to add 4 to 5" to their height. Looking at three different size crates and hoping someone can give insight as to the correct size we might need! thanks!

42Lx28wx30H dogs 71 - 90lbs
36Lx23wx25H dogs up to 70lbs
36Lx24wx27H dogs up to 70lbs

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by: jcrply

For my Aussie I have a BEST-PET metal crate with divider, which I used when she was a pup and growing up. She is now 40 pounds. The crate is 36x24x26 and is very roomy for an adult. But I no longer use it. She and I both prefer the Petmate Vari Kennel Ultra Fashion, size LARGE instead of the wire crate. I used to have the metal crate in the bedroom and the Petmate plastic, more-enclosed one in the kitchen. She likes the enclosed one a lot more. For the bedroom she how sleeps on a mat by my bed. She is 12 months old. I very seldom confine her to the kitchen crate now, but she will occasionally go into it on her own to nap during the day. One of our cats also likes it :-)

crate size
by: Denise

I appreciate your feeback on the size and kind of crate you use! We actually have one of the kennel type crate you describe. We have it for our 10 yrs old jack Russell. My big issue with that particular crate is, they are hard to break down for travel. the wire is appealing to me because it can easily break down and be put back together. I can see where dogs would like the kennel just because it's closed in on the sides and feels more like a den.

Life stages crate
by: Anonymous

You might consider a Life Stages crate. It has a divider that you can adjust as they grow. Amazon often has them for much cheaper than the pet store. I got mine for $50, new.

Good luck!!!

Re: crate
by: kym

I too, have both types of crates but I do like the wire one better due to convenience. They are easier to take down and move/travel with. My dogs do like the enclosed ones better MOST of the time, but I find that it's nothing that a blanket draped over the top wont take care of. I also find that the wire ones are better for air flow. I guess it's a matter of personal preference.
I am sure your new puppy will adjust to either one of these just fine.
Good luck with your new pup!

by: Anonymous

Try the SofCrate! Its more enclosed than the wire, but folds down much easier than the wire crate for travel.

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