What To Feed My New Puppy?

by Tiffany Gentry
(Spartanburg, SC)

Hello everyone!!! So excited to be a (almost) proud new mommy!!! I will be getting my darling lil pup, Sidney, next week.

Could someone please tell me what I should be feeding her? She'll only be 6 weeks. I went to Petco, looking for a "puppy" food and oh my, the possibilities are endless!!! Not to mention the price of some of them. I left there pretty confused. I figured the smart thing to was start her on puppy food and gradually move her up, staying with the same brand? Can someone give me affordable, nutritious choice for her?


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Puppy Food
by: Tom

Blue Buffalo I have been feeding our Kids Max and Gabby have been on that since we got them as puppies Max is 10 and Gabby is 7 now and a barrel of fun.


Best Puppy Foods
by: Anonymous

My recommendation is to go to dogfoodadvisor.com and search on puppy foods and choose any of the 5-star puppy foods.

Feeding your new puppy
by: Fran

I agree with both of the above contributors. I would add that you should probably start out with the same food the breeder is giving the puppy and then slowly convert to the food you choose for your cutie. Puppies tummies can be sensitive to food changes. Have a beautiful life filled with puppy (and grown puppy) love!

New Puppy
by: Anonymous

Puppy food for one year. I have been using Diamond Natural on my 2 dogs. Affordable, good food. If you have one dog I would suggest a more expensive grain-free food. Diamond makes one. I agree - too many choices!

what to feed the new puppy
by: stepheny

Hello, puppies, in general, should be given higher calorie foods than adult dogs because; they are at their growing stages. There is wet and dry dog food available for you to buy based on your dog’s taste and your budget. Being a dog owner, I was doing my own study and came across this article which was quite useful to me https://www.feedfond.com/best-dog-food/. Hope it helps you too.

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