What's The Best Puppy Food For This Breed?

by Christopher

We just took this little bundle of joy on. He was born on Dec 10 and just after one day he has acclimated quite well. We have 2 other dogs and I believe that has made all the difference with him.

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puppy food
by: jcrply

High quality, grain-free food. I would recommend any of the 5-star foods at the Dog Food Advisor website:

by: Mjpeluso

On your new fury bundle of joy! With my first aussie he was super picky about all the good brands of food. We tried everything from Blue buffalo to solid gold including mixing In canned food and other tasty things to get him to eat. Finally we tried acana and wala! He loved it and not just for a day or two. We stuck with that for a while but I didn't think he was drinking enough to flush out any un-used protein. We switched to Fromm and he's been on it since. My new puppy has also been on Fromm and is doing great. We started with grain free beef and have switched to pork and applesauce. I noticed a difference just between the beef and pork. I was told pork is easier to digest. Things I've noticed is their fur is super soft, it's something everyone comments on when we're in public. Their eyes are really clear, like colored glass. Potty time is no problem either, not too hard, not too soft. Good luck with your new fury friend ☺.

Food for aussies
by: Becky T

I have found over the last 15 years w/aussies That a no grain food is best! Less scratching, hair loss, loose stool, upset stomach, beautiful shiny coats etc.. I guess this is true for all breeds. ( They are sometimes called Limited Ingredient foods.) Canines started out as meat eaters long ago and mine used to eat grass to upchuck! It makes sense These foods are more expensive, but we use "Taste of the Wild" and it's not too bad. Don't forget to switch them over gradually!. Good Luck! Your puppy is beautiful!

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