What's The Best Shampoo For A Red Merle?

What's the best shampoo for a red merle?

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Re: Shampoo
by: Kym

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. They have color enhancing shampoos that will bring out the colors in your dog. They have conditioning shampoos-to of course help with matting fur. I personally use a tea tree/eucaliptus shampoo that helps with skin/coat but the special thing I do with mine, is use a product called 'Showsheen'. It is for use on horses but works WONDERS! It will make the coat shiny, soft, takes out ALL matts, and helps prevent any dirt or mud stains. My aussies are working dogs and get into alot of stuff! Dirt, mud, matts, weeds,etc. The best product ever! Just spray on while your dog is still wet (after the bath) rub in, let dry a little and brush. GOOD LUCK

Re: best shampoo for red merle
by: Anonymous

I work in a grooming shop and have had the chance to try dozens of brands. I personally prefer Tropiclean's KavaKava, a color-enhancing shampoo, so long as the dog doesn't have an overly oily coat to begin with.

Ranee, Rick and Joker

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