What's The Best Soft Dog Food?

What's the best soft dog food?

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Soft food, tripe
by: Anonymous

Hi - our Aussie wasn't too keen on hard food of any kind so we actually bought tripe in a can and would put about 1/4 of the can on top and sort of stir it. He loved it and everytime we bought it the stores commented on how good it is for them. I will caution it stinks, some brands worse than others!

Best soft dog food
by: Anne

Read the label, has to have a meat as the 1st ingredient. (i.e. Beef, chicken) It also depends on what your dog prefers. One type is like shredded meat, another looks like potted meat. The other type is choice cuts with gravy.
I hope you are mixing it with dry dog food. Wet food alone is not the best diet, unless your dog has very few teeth or has another type of medical issue that warrants a soft diet.
Hope that helps

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

dog food
by: jcrply

We all have our own opinions. I will just give you mine. I feed my pup NEWMAN'S OWN GRAIN-FREE canned dog food and ORIJEN dry dog food. I spent a lot of time researching reviews of dog foods before choosing this combination. I feed her a total of about 900 calories per day, with about 313 calories from the canned food and 588 calories from the dry. (The dry is also grain-free.) Read what we all have to say, but then also do a lot of researching on your own. It is great that you are aware of the importance of choosing good foods. I have read at many places that you should avoid the semi-moist pouches of food because of the sugar and additives. For training treats I use a variety of purchased treats plus home cooked. My pup will do anything for a tiny bit of gently cooked chicken or beef or chicken liver or gizzard. You can buy a package of chicken livers or gizzards, steam or gently boil them, cut them up and freeze packets of them. One inexpensive package of livers/gizzards will make a LOT of treats, and dogs just love them. Yeah, they're a bit messy, but I put them in a little plastic bag in my pocket.

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