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What's Your Opinion On The Furminator?

by Don

Just wondering what everyone's opinion is on the FURminator. The way I see it, they make no distinction between dead hair that's ready to come out and live, rooted hair. If it gets in those little slots it's gonna get yanked out. I haven't seen many similar concerns in internet reviews, etc. So am I wrong about it?

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by: Anonymous

I agree with you.

Grooming tools
by: Anonymous

I am not a fan of the Furminator for the Aussie coat. I agree that it pulls out too much and it also breaks off the hair and can do long term damage to the coat. Aussies are not great shedders anyway, so I find just a human type tipped bristle brush is all that's needed. When they are blowing coat in the spring and fall I might use a shedding rake for mats, but sparingly. Not hard to keep them looking good.

Rakes are better IMO
by: MaryH

I used the Furminator on my Aussie when he was a pup and it did ok. I found using a rake is much better and removed way more hair that the Furminator did. I use one like this.

Not a Furminator Fan
by: Anonymous

Our Aussie has a "show" coat with the long feathers and thicker ruff. The Furminator altered his look. I agree it's probably cutting hair and doesn't necessarily remove loose hair any better than other rake style combs. There's no cure for Aussie shedding. Acceptance and a great vacuum cleaner serve me better.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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