When Do You Like To Spay?

by Holly

I have a 8 month red tri female. She is not spayed yet and wanted to know when everyone spayed their Aussie. I was planning on doing it when she turned a year old. However, is this fine?

She is my first Australian Shepherd. I love her to death.

However, I am worried about her going into the surgery. I was told by a Australian Shepherd breeder some Aussies are allergic to the drugs they use when they put them under. I am so worried about her having a problem.

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by: Anonymous

Our Aussies were all spayed at 7 or 8 months. We always had a reputable Veterinarian who gave us all the details of their health and test results prior to the operation and they came through fabulously.

Drug allergies and surgery
by: Frannie

I strongly suggest you go to www.vcpl.vetmed.wsu.edu/ to learn about the MDR1 genetic mutation that 40-50% of Aussies carry. (This is the veterinary science department at Washington State University that has studied the mutation.)

You may obtain a test kit from them to test your girl yourself (cheek swab - easy!). Or, you may advise your veterinarian and ask him/her to do the test and send it to WSU. Many vets are not yet aware of this genetic problem.

On a personal note, I submitted my mini Aussie's DNA to WSU just weeks before she was to be spayed. The result of the test (she carries two copies of the mutation) led me to alert my vet, who took special anesthesia precautions during surgery. It may have made the surgery easier on her or may have saved her life. Don't know. But, I feel that the $75 cost was the best $75 I've ever spent. It has also helped my vet and me monitor other preventive meds.

Best of luck to you and your buddy.

Note from Anton:Check out our article about how Ivermectin for dogs, Trifexis and a host of other drugs can be deadly for dogs with the MDR1 gene mutation. For more info see: Warning for Australian Shepherd Owners About MDR1 Gene Mutation

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