When Do You Start An Aussie On Adult Dog Food?

by Karen
(Cleveland, OH)



Hi. My Aussie Roxy is turning one in a month. When should I start feeding her adult dog food? Thanks:)

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Adult Food
by: Anonymous

Per the breeder's instructions, I started transitioning our pup to adult food at six months. The change was very gradual.

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Pups should start on adult food at about 1 year. You can start mixing in adult with her puppy food at any time now.

Adult dog food
by: Anonymous

At one years old - I give mine (she is 55 lbs) large adult dog food.

When to feed adult dog food
by: Anne

About a year old is a good time. You will read different ages to start adult food but if you feed a nutritious dog food one should be fine.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

When to start on Adult dog food
by: Trio Aussies

You never feed Puppy food, never. Pups should be started on adult dog food at 5 weeks of age. I soften it with goats milk (It comes in a can at the store). Puppy food will give pups bones that grow faster than the muscle and causes problems especially in large breeds.

Re: Puppy food
by: Kym-

I have always started my pups on adult food at about 1 year. This seems to be the average that most vets recommend. Just make sure you choose a good quality food (which will vary by opinion) mix it with her puppy food for awhile (to avoid tummy upset) and she will grow up to be a happy, healthy dog.

thats my dogs name too!
by: Vienna

That is my dogs' name too! but she is a different color, she's black and white. her birthday is in two days (April 10th) so I am looking for answers too.

by: Anonymous

I have a Toy Aussie he is 3.5 months old only weighs 5lbs my breeder who has been in the business 20 years said Toy & Mini Aussies mature faster than bigger dogs. I'm going to start to switch him over soon & I noticed he doesn't eat as much puppy food as before that is a sign. A year is a standard thing but not necessary.

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