When To Switch An Aussie Pup To Adult Dog Food And When To Have Female Pup Spayed

by jcrply

The breeder recommended switching my pup to adult food at 4 to 5 months so that bones and cartilage grow at proper pace to muscles and organs. I have read all sorts of other recommendations on dogs in general (most say switch at one year), but I have not seen recommendations for Aussies in particular. When do most Aussie owners switch to adult food?

Also, I have received recommendations for spaying age that range from 4 months to 9 months. What age do you think is best for spaying an Aussie?


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well, that depends
by: Anonymous

actually, the holistic food I give our dog(ages range from 13 years,to 3 years, to 11 months old)is good for ALL ages/stages. I find that very helpful and convenient. Its Pinnacle, if you're interested in looking into it. if you must switch from puppy to adult or various reasons, research it for yourself, and YOU decide.

Our Vet suggested waiting til our pup is a year old, unless he is marking, or having aggression/dominance issues(which is why we did it at 6 months with our Chi, but waiting for the year with our Aussie). We really don't see the need for our Aussie boy, except he has his little thing out almost all the time when he is happy,excited, etc. but at least he doesn't go around marking, and he's not aggressive, nor dominant.
In the end its up to you when and IF you do.

Like Vaccines, and flea and hearworm stuff, you decide, don't let yourself get railroad into anything you're not sure about, or don't really want to do.

Switching Food & Spaying
by: Anne

I switch my Aussies from about 10 months to a year old to adult food.
You were told correctly about the age range for spaying (4 -9 mths old)
Usually females come into heat around 9 months old.
Hope that helps!

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

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