Whether Or Not To Adopt A Second Mini Aussie As A Friend For Our 1 Year Old Mini

by Barbara

Blue Bella

Blue Bella

We have a 1 year old Mini Aussie who is (of course) very active. We are looking into adopting another young adult Mini Aussie as a friend for our little girl. She gets walked every day ,plays catch many times a day, practices obedience, etc but she still wants me to play with her all the time. I am wondering if you think having a second Mini would be good or not.


Barbara in FL

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Another Aussie
by: Anonymous

Well we got a second Aussie to calm the first one down but that didn't happen. The second one was more energetic than the first. They are great playmates and herd each other. We have many many laughs with them and are so happy we have two of this wonderful breed.

by: Anonymous

One way to find out might be to volunteer with a dog rescue group such as MARS (http://miniaussierescue.org/avail-dogs/marsDogs.html) and foster a dog... or a series of dogs.

Second Aussie
by: Marsha

Yes, I think it would be good. I base my opinion on the fact that I've always had two Aussies about a year apart. They love to play with each other. But they still want that time with you!

2nd puppy
by: Anonymous

We looked into adopting a second for our 1 yr old too. We were gone for large parts of the day. He got his attention and exercise when we got home but we suspected he got bored during the day due to the number of things he chewed up. The new puppy was wonderful. Things do not get chewed up while we are gone. They play together and get lots of energy out then nap together. The second puppy has been great.

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