Which One Is Better?

by Anonymous

I am deciding on buying an Aussie, but I am not sure what the pros and cons are of the Miniature Aussies and the regular ones. Personally, can you tell me the pros and cons of both breeds and what you think of them as pets??? (BOTH)


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Which one is better
by: Anne

Neither is better... it is essentially all about size. So that is the pro and the con...
What you need is a breeder that breeds aussies with a sound mind and body.
Ask for records on the parents. Eye Cerfs, OFA hip ratings, any other genetic testing done on the parents.
A good resource to find out more about the health of our breed is Australian Shepherd health and genetic site
Make sure you see the parents if they are on the premises and see their personalities.
Do Your Research!!!
If you need more information... I will be glad to help you, just send me an e-mail.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Mini versus not
by: Nonnie

I agree with Anne. It is a matter of preference. I have a mini and a toy. I don't want to handle a larger dog, but I LOVE Aussies!! They are absolutely the moist intelligent and loving dogs ever.

My breeder provided pedigree for both of my dogs. They are half sisters, born exactly 2 weeks apart. They are as opposite as they can be. :~)

Bailee Joy is a blue-eyed, blue merle mini female Aussie and Maggie Mae is a brown-eyed, black try toy female Aussie. They are two years old and bring much happiness to us.

Good luck and let us know what you decide to do. If you want to see my Aussies, search My Aussie Girls on this site.

Mini versus Standard
by: Debbie

I agree that the size of the dog that best suits your lifestyle should help you determine which is for you.

Standard and mini Aussies both come in bi, tri and merle coloring. Their coats are also the same.

Be sure to ask lots of questions of the breeder and if possible see the parents. Even though you may not plan to show your dog, I have found that dogs from show lines tend to have better temperaments because they must be sociable to tolerate the stresses and commotion of the show ring.

Ask the breeder what they do to socialize the young puppies. Check for health clearances and ask to see their health guarantee. Good luck on your choice!

Debbie, Kentucky

Which One is Better ?
by: Anonymous

I had a male full size Aussie for 15 years and he was a wonderful dog. He was very protective and loved to hike and be in the mountains. He even climbed some 14ers (14,000 foot mnts in Colorado ) with me. After he passed I got a female Mini Aussie she is a blue merle with blue eyes a very beautiful dog. I thought maybe a female would not be quite as protective as a male but I was wrong. Aussie's are protective period which is ok you just have to train them well so you can call them off when you need to. My Mini Aussie is 4 years old now and I am really working hard on getting her well trained. The one difference that I really noticed between the Mini & the full size Aussie is the fact that larger dogs like to pick on the Mini. I never had that problem with the full size Aussie he could hold his own and not too many dogs would try and mess with him. The mini is a pretty tough little dog too but sheer size is going to make a difference. I try my best to keep her safe from other dogs running lose. Traveling with the Mini is also alot easier then the full size Aussie. I love them both.

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