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Who Rescued Who?

by Catherine
(New Mexico)

Time for that walk!

Time for that walk!

I'm a Vietnam era veteran who was recently homeless for a time. I lived in my car near the VA and a dog park. Less than a month after I got an apartment, someone abandoned a beautiful adult male Aussie on the VA grounds. He eventually found his way to the dog park where the regulars took him to a vet; he was not neutered or chipped and very underweight. After putting up ads and so on until it was clear that no one knew this dog, or wanted him—a friend brought him over to my apartment.

This sure is not a breed for an apartment dweller. It's traumatic for this dog to go from what had to have been a family life (he loves kids and pick up trucks) to being dumped with me. I've had dogs, but would not have made an Aussie my first pick because I knew nothing about them. But I needed a friend I could trust - due to my PTSD and health disabilities and this strange looking dog needed someone to feed and walk him. Kinda felt like a contract marriage and it took time to build trust on both sides. He was a bit aggressive, defensive and an active dog with a beautiful coat needing grooming and he had some bad habits such as jumping.

But he also had some manners. And a sense of humor. And he forced me out of the house and into taking long walks every day. Often multiple walks. And we visit the dog park. He's learned to play with me and other dogs as well. It's been 9 months, but he is now my certified service dog that I'd like to train further as a therapy dog. He loves people and kids.

He has that Aussie smartness and need to do a job though. When I'm anxious, he stays calm and sits close. He's learned to trust me and I can take him into situations that once set off his aggressive triggers. We're both better now we're together. Our next step is a yard and onto therapy work!

Comments for Who Rescued Who?

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Fellow Vet
by: Monique G.

I am also a vet. US Army OIF/OEF. I just rescued an all white Aussie puppy and I don't have full-blown PTSD but I do have severe anxiety (I can't even drive a car without having a panic attack). Right now, me and my new friend, are just working on potty training but I hope that one day my Aussie and I will have a story as amazing as yours. Keep fighting the good fight and remember you are never alone.

Who rescued who!
by: Debby

U rescued each other! I have a toy Aussie with a complete big Aussie can do attitude! I too needed a friend who never judges! My sweet boy is well on his way to becoming my service dog! God bless u for your service! I will never forget that freedom isn't free!

Heaven Sent Angel
by: Carol

First, let me say Thank You for your service to our country. I salute you. As far as who rescued who I think it is a toss up. God knew you needed a companion who would force you to be social and get back into the swing of things, and this precious Aussie needed something to do and someone to care for him. Aussies are wonderful dogs. I have previously been owned by 2 who are now deceased and currently am owned by 2 full Aussies as well as one who is 1/2 Aussie and 1/2 Border Collie. Love the Aussie breed.

Bless your Aussie
by: Sharon

You will love him more each and every day. My husband and I just purchased an Aussie and she is the love of our lives.


Thank you for your service to our beautiful country.

Only an Aussie
by: Kathie

I know you both will bond beyond - hang in there with him - he was sent to rescue YOU! Hugs

God sent him to you
by: Kat Rose

So happy you kept him. Don't worry about living in an apartment, I take my Aussie to work with me every day. But when we get home we have our frisbee and agility time. You taking him to the park should be well enough for releasing energy and training him is giving him a job. God bless you both.

Each other
by: Military brat

I so enjoyed your post :-) I have 2 Aussies and you describe them to a tee. I hope you both have a long and loving life together.

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